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ONA Board Elections and Community Meeting Minutes 11.2.22

Updated: Jan 5, 2023

Oakley Neighborhood Association "Rainbow Over Acorn" Logo

General Meeting Minutes

November 2, 2022 6pm @ French Broad Brewery

In attendance: 16 total; 4 board members present

Michael Stratton: Introduction

  • ONA has been functioning for about approx. 1.5 years

  • We have by-laws, voted on our boundaries and submitted a Plan-on-a-Page to the city

  • It’s time to pass the baton to new people

  • Please nominate yourself for an open position if you have interest

  • We will have a president, vice-president, treasurer, secretary, communications chief and 4 at-large board members who will go and sit in on city council meetings/Buncombe county board of commissioners meetings and keep us informed

Gina Smith (coordinator@ Asheville Buncombe Food Policy Council)

  • The council received a grant for $5000 for outdoor pantries and community refrigerators

  • Community refrigerators are just like outdoor pantries, just for refrigerated items

  • There is already one on S. French Broad

  • The council would like to put one in Oakley

  • It could be electric or solar

  • Timeline: council is hoping to have it in by June

  • Where would be a good place to put it? At the Garden, Community center/fire station, maybe WNCAP?

  • Comment: there is already a composting collection site at community center

  • This is part of the Neighborhood Food Preparedness Emergency Plan

  • Outdoor pantries are available as well

  • Comment: county will be sponsoring a food drive drop-off at the library November 15th-19th

Meredith Friedheim (City of Asheville Neighborhood Services Specialist)

  • Her job is to be a liaison between us and the city

  • Updates are planned to the Murphy-Oakley playground

Committee Updates

River Link- Deb

  • Oakley was bequeathed ¼ acre on Thompson Street that leads right down to the Swannanoa River

  • Feasibility of usage studies are still being completed, but it seems like an exciting opportunity for the neighborhood

  • Location: near Glendale Bridge and Ruff Life

  • Jack at RiverLink is contact person

Tree Keepers- Alison

  • Tree Keepers Mission: to help landowners preserve existing trees and to plant new ones

  • We did a tree give away at Open Streets

  • We promote Asheville Greenworks Treasure Tree program

  • Had a big event at WNCAP for their tree which is estimated to be about 210 years old

  • Oakley has a lot of those large oaks

  • We did not get approved for the second grant

  • A main goal of ours is education

Fairview Road Resilience Garden- Michael

  • The garden came out of the unknowns from Covid

  • First year it produced approx. 800 lbs of produce

  • Second year it produced more than that

  • Third year produced more than the second year

  • Trying to impact food insecurity and Oakley’s food desert

  • It’s a lot of work, but man power has decreased

  • Michael is leaving the country for a few years but neighbors are welcome to keep up the garden

Transportation- Elizabeth/Michael

  • GAP program- stands for greenways, ADA, Pedestrian

  • COA (city of Asheville) is behind in this sort of infrastructure

  • City council voted to adopt a plan and Oakley was highly prioritized partly because of our greenway frontage

  • Next step is Swannanoa portion and the state is going to fund that

  • Also looking at intra-neighborhood greenways that would potentially be a path for neighbors to get to the greenways

  • The city really wants our input

Events- Michael

  • Does anyone have any ideas for events?

Neighborhood Advisory Committee- Elizabeth

  • The GAP plan (greenways, ADA, pedestrian) being approved is a big deal and Oakley was prioritized

  • MMTC (Multimodal Transportation Committee) working on how Asheville is going to expand transportation- Asheville currently has approx 25 buses

  • NAC (Neighborhood Transportation Committee) is in charge of volunteer spotlight of the year and our very own Michael Stratton was chosen (3 total were chosen)

Nominations for open board positions- Michael Stratton

  • 3 Open seats- president, vice president, communications chief, plus 3 at-large seats

  • Will take office between now and January 25th (next meeting)

  • President: nomination- Elizabeth Wallace (not in attendance)

Result: by show of hands- Elizabeth gets majority vote

  • Vice President seat: no nominations- seat is left open

  • Communications Chief: self-nomination Kylie Ryan

Result: by show of hands unanimous vote yes

  • At-large seat: Michael Romanello (result by show of hands- unanimous yes)

  • At-large seat: Ross Pritchard (result by show of hands- unanimous yes)

  • At-large seat: Erin Hunt (result by show of hands- unanimous yes)

Michael Stratton: Feel free to email the ONA with anything you’d like to see on the agenda

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