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Open Streets Oakley

Save the date!

The Open Streets Oakley Spring 2022 event is happening June 12, 12-5 pm!

What is an Open Streets event?

Open Streets events help residents answer one simple, yet important question:

"How would our neighborhood and city be different with more sidewalks, bike lanes, greenways, and streets we could safely share with vehicles?"

"Open Streets are programs that temporarily open streets to people by closing them to cars." ( Open Streets events are designed to help residents change how they think about, use and view streets and other public spaces in their neighborhood by temporarily closing those areas to vehicular traffic and redesigning and reconfiguring to include:

  • Pedestrian- and cyclist-friendly throughways.

  • Park-like areas featuring fun learning, recreational and other activities.

  • Demonstrations of traffic-calming and safer multi-modal and mixed-access solutions.

  • Areas for neighborhood businesses and organizations to promote themselves.

  • Opportunities for residents to think about, explore and experience their public spaces from a new perspective.

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The goal of Open Streets is to improve quality of life by bringing people together to create healthier, more vibrant, and more equitable communities. For the Oakley Neighborhood Association, that means finding ways to create safer, more enjoyable, and more connected neighborhood walkability, to increase multimodal transit options for improved accessibility and environmental sustainability, and to showcase the unique and diverse local businesses, community resources, and ecological habitats Oakley has to offer.

Get Involved

This is a neighborhood event, we'd love to hear your suggestions! If you have an idea we haven't thought of, want more information about the event itself or would like to participate in our next event, please contact us at We'd love to hear from you!

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