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ONA Board Meeting: February 8, 2023

ONA Board Meeting

February 8, 2023 12pm via Google Meet

In attendance: 7 board members, 2 neighbors:

Michael Stratton and Bess McDavid: current co-leaders and points of contact coordinating ONA with COA

Betsy Nesbitt: current/new secretary

Kylie Ryan: new communications chief

Michael Romanello, Ross Pritchard, Erin Hunt: new members-at-large

This meeting is a planned hand-over meeting from current board members to new board members


Bess McDavid(BM): ONA leader will be the vis-a-vis between the ONA and the city of Asheville(COA)

ONA co-leaders and various committees have:

  • Set up a board and created by-laws

  • Set up task force to save Oakley’s library

  • 2 Open Streets events- 1 in May and 1 in October

  • Will be an inclusive playground built at Oakley Park

  • Free fridge program- ONA partnering with Food Policy Council (Gina Smith)

  • Set up committees: tree, garden, event, transportation, etc

  • ONA president and vice president are just on top of those things

Michael Stratton(MS): We placed the structure, now we need to build these things out, for example, get people to participate in committees.

BM: we are looking for a president and vice president- maybe not today, but soon!

Ross Pritchard(RP): volunteers as president or vice-president

BM: we need to vote on this nomination at next meeting

RP: wonders about people to plug for at-large positions

Erin Hunt(EH): interested in making a community flier as a way to get info out

MS: outdoor advertising works really well

RP: maybe pair that with a QR code

Community Fridge Program

Gina Smith and BM spoke with COA regarding where to keep fridge: potentially community center. It will have to be cleaned and stocked (using food from community and/or community partners).

  • We will need a committee to help coordinate

  • Asheville Buncombe Food Policy Council can help with electricity bills/cleaning supplies

  • WNCAP was approached as a site, but said their clients would use it and then it wouldn’t be going to Oakley residents and that it would have to be kept inside which would limit availability

RP/EH/Kylie Ryan and husband express interest in helping out with the garden

RP interested in doing video spotlights to highlight Oakley as a food desert

Q: Is Beloved involved here?

A: unsure, but definitely a demand for pantry/grocery items

George Gregor-Holt(GGH): if we could find a way to include seniors in planning and distribution, AARP might be interested in helping with funds

Event Planning

Q: Are we going to do another Open Streets?

RP: has been in contact with Lucy regarding how Open Streets could interface with the greenway project

Michael Romanello(MR): If not Open Streets, we could have an event around the new playground

RP: maybe a pickleball fundraiser this summer?

GGH: AARP would probably be interested in sponsorship of that event!

EH: Does anyone have planning notes from last Open Streets?

MS: We have a google drive with all our important docs- by-laws, meeting minutes, etc. would also like everyone to have access to email


RP: next meeting 3.1.23/3.2.23- maybe at French Broad Brewing, but it’s kind of hard to hear there

EH: RP/EH have keys to community center

BM: need to figure out who is going to be responsible to ONA email

RP: can systemize email

MS: working on efficiencies would be ideal

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