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Treasured Tree in Oakley Recognized

Joyce Meade, of Oakley, knew her white oak was a treasure. But when the contractor building a house next door told her it needed to be cut down, she grew concerned. She reached out to Greenworks, learned about the Treasured Tree Program, and decided if her application was accepted, it might help her fight for her tree.

Joyce, along with members of Greenworks and Oakley Tree Keepers, stands in front of her treasured tree.
Joyce's Treasured Tree

On September 2nd, members of Oakley Tree Keepers attended the Greenworks Treasured Tree Committee presentation to award Joyce and her tree a Certificate and Plaque. The circumference of the tree was measured, and it was calculated this tree was likely over 150 years old, which means it was planted shortly after the Civil War. And still thriving!

Joyce with her Treasured Tree Certificate and Plaque

If you have a tree on your property that you feel is a treasure, please consider nominating it for recognition as a Treasured Tree. Let’s protect Oakley’s mature trees and tree canopy!!

Measuring the tree's circumference

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