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NEW! Compost Drop-Off at Landfill and Stephens-Lee Recreational Center!

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

Excited news for household composters today from the City of Asheville!

"The City of Asheville, in partnership with Buncombe County and the Natural Resources Defense Council, is offering a FREE Food Scrap Drop-Off program in two locations for all Buncombe County residents. This organic matter will be collected and turned into good clean compost, keeping it OUT of our landfill and reducing greenhouse gas emissions."

Food waste is currently responsible for approx. 8% of all greenhouse gasses (making it the third-largest contributing "nation" right after China and the US), and in the US around 37% of that happens in the home - which also means it's one of the few sources of climate-change inputs that behavioral changes at the individual consumer level can actually create a direct and significant impact.

If you're like me and currently casting guilty stares at aspirationally-purchased ingredients and fresh produce lost to space and time in the black hole of the crisper, but don't have the space, ability, or bear-safe capacity to compost at home, thanks to this new program you now have a way to divert those items from the landfill and reduce your greenhouse-gas footprint.

Check out the city's info page to learn more, and to register for the key-code access to the bear-protected Stephens-Lee drop-off location. You can also request a counter-top composting container on the registration page, while supplies last.

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