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ONA Officer Nominations and Election: 6pm Wednesday November 2 at French Broad Brewing

If the campaign signs across Oakley haven't given it away yet, election season is upon us once again! In addition to Federal, State, and Local races, you'll have one more to consider this year. Mark your calendars...The Oakley Neighborhood Association Officer Nominations and Election will be held on Wednesday November 2 at French Broad Brewing at 6PM.

Since June of last year, the interim board has tasked itself with the formative tasks of ascertaining official neighborhood recognition by the City of Asheville, drafting Oakley’s “Plan On A Page”, tailoring our own bylaws, and defining our Oakley's footprint.

As a result of having had this organizational structure in place, our community’s opposition to the elimination of the Oakley Library was resoundingly heard and a valued neighborhood institution was preserved!

Later, we seized the opportunity to hold a seat at the table when the city was considering converting the Ramada Inn into a low barrier shelter. Like the community we represent, the board had varied, nuanced, and for some, evolving, opinions on this complex topic. Throughout the saga, I could not have been prouder of how our neighborhood conducted itself... The board remained a trusted intermediary between our community and the city, our neighbors showed up to meetings where they engaged in civil dialogue, and ultimately, we all walked away with a greater degree of understanding, if not a bit of empathy, for the people whose lives were affected most by the decision.

This November, Oakley's ability to realize its immense potential as one of Asheville's core neighborhoods is in each of our hands collectively. For the first time, the ONA Board will pass the baton off to a new cohort of neighborhood leaders. Please consider nominating yourself or a neighbor to serve on the ONA Board, and please definitely commit to voting in this, and all races, this November!

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