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Be a Part of the Buncombe County Comprehensive Plan 2043 - Our Voices, Our Vision.

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

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Buncombe County is currently in the Public Engagement phase of generating the 2043 Comprehensive Plan, "a document created by local governments and residents to determine what the focus and vision of the community should be over a long-term, 20 year period." (via the BCCP website)

In order for this plan to accurately and fully represent the interests of the entire community, it's important for the county to gather feedback from as many Buncombe County residents as possible in order to inform the recommendations of the Comprehensive Planning Steering Committee, as well as any decisions, plans and policies made based on that feedback and those recommendations.

To find out how can you share your ideas, vision, and concerns for the future of Buncombe County, visit the Buncombe County Comprehensive Plan's Engagement Projects and Activities page, where you will find links that will allow you to:

  • Join a Public Engagement Meeting to discuss your vision and goals for the community.

  • Take the poll to share your ideas for making the community better. (Don't have a computer? Paper versions of the survey are now available at all county libraries, and at the Planning Department at 46 Valley Street. You can also print out the poll and drop it at your local library!) While you're there, you can also check out the presentations and videos to learn more about the Comprehensive Plan and other activities you can do during the in-person, virtual, and self-guided public input meetings for the Comprehensive Plan process.

  • Share up to four words or short phrases to help build a "Community Vision Word Cloud" to express what you want Buncombe County to be like within 20 years.

  • Get access to Activity Kits to help students from K-level all the way through college learn more about how Buncombe County is creating its 20 year Comprehensive Plan. (Kits must be completed by Friday, March 18, 2022)

  • Sign up for the Comprehensive Plan Newsletter to stay informed about the Plan's progress, results from the public engagement phase, and ways you can participate.

Curious to see what the community has already been saying? You can see all of the current results from the Vision & Goals poll here and learn what your neighbors envision for the future of Buncombe County and their own place in it.

For other ways to get involved, view related documents, and/or stay informed about this process, go to the Comprehensive Plan's main page and follow the links there.

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