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Oakley Neighborhood Association Member Meeting via Zoom: 02.08.2022

Updated: May 5, 2022

Attendees: 16

Introductions(Bess McDavid): board members, attendees

Updates (Bess McDavid)

Goals for 2022:

  1. By-laws: We borrowed a set of bylaws when we first got started, but now our bylaw committee has almost finished the first draft of our own bylaws. Next meeting we will ratify our bylaws and also vote on what geographic boundaries of Oakley make the most sense to us. Having our own bylaws will give us a sense of legitimacy and organizational structure. The election process is outlined in section 8.

  2. Officer elections will be held June 14th- we will have 5 board members and 3 at large members. One at large will be our rep for CAN (Coalition of Asheville Neighborhoods) and one will be our rep for Asheville City.

  3. We need a lawyer to be on the board.

Brand Development (Jackie was not in attendance - Bess McDavid)

  • We received a grant for $2000 to be used to develop and launch our brand.

  • Met with Integra - talked about our vision and they are going to get back with us with a proposal.

  • Looking to launch on May 22nd at Open Streets event.

  • This will be a great for our continuity of broadcast and our legitimacy.

Open Streets(Nell McCallum)

  • Will come at the end of Strive Not to Drive.

  • Open Streets committee has a bi-weekly meeting for planning.

  • Would love some help!

  • If anyone has any cool businesses that would make a good addition to the event, let us know.

Tree Committee (Alison Kiehl)

  • Had a meeting in Jan.

  • Mission: To help preserve mature trees in Oakley

  • Got a small grant for $600

  • Will implement Treasure Tree program and make an informational brochure.

  • Will have an event at some point.

  • Will do door knocking to promote committee and gauge interest in community for our programs.

  • Hope to work with developers.

  • Presentation: Why should we care about Trees?

    1. Urban Tree Canopy Study- Oakley has lost tree canopy from 2008-2018

    2. Urban Forests:

      1. Can be as small as one tree.

      2. Lots of benefits- environmental, economic, social.

      3. Can reduce solar radiation by 90%.

      4. Improves air quality in many ways.

      5. Reduces storm water runoff.

      6. Provides wildlife habitat.

      7. Reduces noise.

      8. Studies have shown they reduce crime level and increase home values

      9. Case study from N. California assigned monetary value to trees and found they are a net monetary benefit.

  • Anne Warren offers to sit in on meeting of the Urban Forestry Committee.

Grants (Bess McDavid)

  • Have to be matched by volunteer hours (one volunteer hour is approx. $24.50) or partners who are willing to donate money.

  • We don’t actually ‘have’ the money - it will be given to us as we ask for it.

  • We have to spend it within 30 days of receiving it and must spend all of it by the end of the year.

  • We must report how it was spent and provide receipts.

AARP (George Gregor Holt)

  • Our AARP representative is very interested in working with us to increase AARP’s visibility in neighborhoods.

  • Once our vision and goals are a little more defined, they will better be able to help us monetarily.

Ideas For Events (Bess McDavid)

  • Bailey: Neighborhood clean-up, especially Oakview Park (perhaps meant Oakley Park).

  • Michael: Candidate forum.

  • Plenty of member support shown for both ideas.

Committee Updates

Garden Committee (L.Wilson)

  1. Seed packing project this weekend @ Murphy-Oakley Community Center 2.12.2022 from 2-4pm.

  2. Took some seeds out to First Step Farm in Candler- they will get the seedlings started from the plants.

  3. Projects - need to spread compost, do some general clean-up, maybe have a work day in early March, also do a plant start sell.

Website (Soni Pitts)

  1. Still organizing, make it pretty.

  2. Will have one page for committees, one page for committee blogs.

  3. Updating the website will be password protected.

  4. Will have some training on updating the website.

General Announcements/Close (Bess McDavid)

  • We have the rec center reserved for our use Feb 12/13 1-6pm and 19/20 from 1-6pm if anyone needs to use it for committee meeting, etc.

  • Next meeting will be March 22nd, probably via Zoom.

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