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Free Seminar: "Harm Reduction - More Than Needles"

The Oakley Neighborhood Association would like to invite you to a free seminar on substance use and harm reduction that we are co-sponsoring with the Eleanor Health Foundation.

The training will be held virtually on January 27th from 5:00-6:30 PM, and will be led by Amy Upham, MPH. It will explore the overdose epidemic from a macro and trauma-responsive perspective, and introduce the evidence-based strategies which address it.

In this training, participants will:

✓ Create a framework for Substance Use Disorder in the context of a Trauma Responsive approach.

✓ Review the physiology, history and demographics of the overdose epidemic, within the context of the "Deaths of Despair" public health crises.

✓ Discuss options individuals have to address Substance Use Disorder and reduce harm regarding their substance use.

✓ Define and explore the philosophy of Harm reduction, including its relationship to the 12 step model.

✓ Review Naloxone FAQs.

✓ Learn the benefits of Syringe Services Programs.

✓ Receive an introduction to Housing First philosophy, in relation to Substance Use Disorder.

As an organization, we hope to learn more about the root causes of what we are seeing in our neighborhood on a daily basis, so we can be a productive part of the solution. We hope you can all join us.

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