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Winning this fight was just the first step!


Now it's time to channel all that amazing community interest and energy into ensuring our beloved Oakley Library will continue to grow and evolve to welcome and serve generations of library lovers for many years to come!

Want to help us write the next page in the Oakley Library story?


Contact the ONA Library team at the email below, or check us out on Facebook.

"Save the Oakley Library"
Community Activism Campaign

"A thrilling, suspense-laden tale of community spirit and adventure!" ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


The Oakley/South Asheville Library is located at 749 Fairview Road in Asheville, and has been a valuable resource for Oakley residents since it opened in 1972. Although the library is small, it is much loved within the community and was especially instrumental in providing books, entertainment media, and other resources for members of the community dealing with the fallout of the 2020 pandemic. 


When it was announced on May 18, 2021, during the presentation of the Buncombe County Libraries Facility Master Plan, that the Oakley Library (along with several other small neighborhood libraries) might be shut down to make way for larger, newer "hub" style libraries, a grass-roots movement to "Keep it Alive, Keep it Open" was born. The community rallied together, flooding the county with calls, emails, and feedback to "Save the Oakley Library!"

In June of 2021, based on the vocal objections of the communities affected, the county put the plan on pause. And on Nov 2, 2021, after several months of listening sessions and feedback, the county announced their decision to not only maintain the community libraries, but that staff were to "explore enhancements at the current locations," and that the Board "would be open to considering new library projects on a case-by-case basis if they have the support from the surrounding neighborhoods." 

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Want to be a hero in the story of YOUR library?


Here are a few excellent ways you can step up and save the day!

  • Friends of the Library: The Friends generally use volunteers to prepare for book sales, provide refreshments for author receptions, and to fundraise for specific branches.

  • Library Advisory Board: You can attend or watch the meetings, offer feedback and review the minutes, agendas and other items from previous meetings.

  • Donations: The Friends of the Library accept donations of books, money and time.

Get Involved!

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