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Pump the Breaks on Fairview Road

Act now or hold our peace for years!

The Current Plan

The City Of Asheville is slated to repave Fairview Road this spring and has no plans to include bike and pedestrian safety features!

As our neighborhood grows so too does our speeding and reckless driving problems. 

The city must be implored to follow its own policy and rebuild the road as a Complete Street


A Car Centric Road

The current road design for Fairview Road is car centric, meaning it prioritizes motorists at expense of all other users.  While speed limits are set to 25 MPH,  APD continues to deprioritized enforcement while they experience staffing shortages. With this in mind  Engineered solutions must be considered to preserve neighborhood safety. 


Menu of Options not on the Table for the Spring Repave Project

The City of Asheville will be repaving Fairview Road as part of its routine maintenance cycle that occurs once every 15 years per corridor. 

The current project does not include: 

  • NO Additional Striping for Bikes

  • NO Speed Cushions along the speediest straightaways 

  • NO Cross Walks

  • NO Sidewalk Bump outs

  • NO Vegetative Islands


Sign this Petition calling for the city to put a pause on the Fairview Rd repave until traffic calming and bike/ped features can be considered and added to the scope of work. 

Thanks for submitting!

Examples found in other AVL neighborhoods

Here are a few examples of the menu options listed above. These are all found in other neighborhoods 

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